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Leadership Safari 2016

For you to understand my legacy on Leadership Safari, you would need to know my story of why Central Michigan University left a legacy on me. Throughout high school, I was always asked if I was my sister’s sibling. I was never seen as my own person, as someone who had a clean slate coming into the big leagues. I was afraid this was going to happen again to me here at Central as I am a legacy of my older sister and mother who graduated Central Michigan University. But, I knew I had to make a name for myself and there was… Continue reading Leadership Safari 2016


Lunch Buddies

The Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center created a program revolving around having CMU students volunteer once a week to go to a elementary school near the Mount Pleasant community. We the students, go through the interview process and training once a week to prepare for working with young kids who have had a troubled life. The kids are chosen to be a part of the Lunch Buddies program if they are under-privileged, and need a mentor. I agreed to volunteer 16 hours all together of my Friday to helping this little boy, Levi. When I first met Levi, he ran away and tried to hide from me then told me he wanted a boy Lunch Buddy.So we started off on the wrong foot. Now I continue to go back because Levi is an exact replica of my brother when he was his age. Watched shows that weren’t appropriate for his age, would rather destroy the project than complete it, questions every question you ask him, and has to win every game (specifically four square for Levi, he bombs everyone so he can stay king and they just keep repeating through the squares). This puts a fire under me to make an impact on Levi and hopefully make a difference in his thoughts. My brother grew up needing a mentor and so I know that he could really use a positive influence on him too.

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Leadership Camp Facilitation

      Consciousness of self and others Congruency Commitment Collaboration Common Purpose Controversy with civility Citizenship   CAMP 1: After training throughout the year and the week before the first camp, I felt prepared with my facilitation and debrief techniques and with the skits and roles I played during activities. I really became closer… Continue reading Leadership Camp Facilitation